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Rediscover the Magic of JOMO with My Best Friend this Slow Season

Move over FOMO (fear of missing out), JOMO (the joy of missing out) is where it’s at this autumn! The easy-going lifestyle brand My Best Friend wants to double-dare you to sink into the ease of the slow season as we head into autumn…

What’s Up with The Name?
The fresh new My Best Friend range has been tailored to reflect the pure enjoyment that goes into the making and sharing of a fine wine. This is a juicy, easy-drinking wine range that's made for everyday drinking pleasure, friends!

3 Ways to Slow Down the Inspiring Way this Autumn
So, as the days grow shorter and the cosy season of scarves, scattered leaves, and warm fireside moments unfurls, here are a few My Best Friend-inspired ideas to help you rediscover the joy of JOMO as you allow yourself to lean into rest and recuperation. Here you go!

1. Send some hand-written letters

My Best Friend Cape Red welcomes you to a ripe complex nose filled with aromas of red fruit,
plums, and spice. These aromas follow through to an elegant palate that tells a lingering story.
Take this as your inspiration to put (an actual) pen to paper and send a few of your loved ones
some hand-written notes over the cooler months. Imagine their delight when they open the post-
box to find a real letter for once!

2. Indulge in a simmer pot

My Best Friend Cape White comes to the party with refreshing flavours of lime, citrus, and
melon with hints of honeysuckle tones. These flavours flow through onto a luscious palate which
ends with a lingering crispness. Speaking of which, have you treated yourself to the olfactory joy
of a simmer pot yet?

A simmer pot is basically a homemade air freshener made from boiling fragrant pieces of fruits,
herbs, and other spices in water. It's very easy to make, not expensive, and really effective at
making your home smell nice. One nice combo to try is orange or lemon slices, cloves, fresh
rosemary, and a dash of vanilla.

3. Host an old-school slumber party for your bestie

Remember back in the good old days, when sleepovers were the ultimate treat? Let’s go back
there, friend! Gather some chocolates and magazines, put on some PJs and silly socks, treatyourself to some skin indulgences, and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s way more
restorative and soul-replenishing than you might think!
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