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Mountain biking inspires Canetsfontein’s vegan-friendly, organic, and sulphur-free Cliffhanger

The term ‘Cliffhanger’ recently gained new significance for both mountain bikers and wine drinkers!

There is a buzz in mountain biking circles about the Cliffhanger, a new singletrack on Canetsfontein Organic Wine Estate, located at the foot of Bainskloof Pass outside Wellington. In April this year, Canetsfontein was an official route partner of the ABSA Cape Epic challenge, during which South African and international mountain biking enthusiasts could not get enough of the Cliffhanger that took them up to 1000m above sea level on the Hawekwa mountains.
Cliffhanger also is the name of the estate’s vegan-friendly, sulphur-free and organic red wine. According to Alexander Falk, the owner of Canetsfontein, they created this wine to honour those who are brave enough to take on one of the most challenging mountain bike routes in the world.

“The Cliffhanger is made for individuals embracing an active, healthy lifestyle while appreciating life’s finer pleasures,” says Falk. “The demand for vineyards cultivated in harmony with nature has grown enormously, with more consumers around the world wanting their wine to be sulphur-free as well.”


Frank Meaker, Canetsfontein’s winemaker, says it was a challenge to create a wine that ticks all the boxes and still delivers quality and tastes delicious. “The Canetsfontein Cliffhanger Organic Red 2023 is a blend of selected varieties from 20-year-old premium organic vineyards in the coastal region,” says Meaker, who recommends that wine drinkers should approach the Cliffhanger as fearlessly as a mountain biker. “Aromas of dried fruit, ripe cherries, and mulberry will lure you down the slope, while hints of chocolate will quicken the pulse, and gentle spice and vanilla notes will reward you at the finish!”The Canetsfontein Cliffhanger Organic Red 2023 is a light to medium bodied wine with a deep red, vibrant colour. Aromas of dark blueberries and chocolate flavours are complemented by soft fruit tannins. A light wood treatment brings out spice and vanilla flavours. The fact that no sulphur has been added increases the fresh fruitiness of the wine, which is naturally preserved with honeybush and rooibos. Chill and serve at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius and enjoy it with fish, duck, red meat, pork pasta or salads.


Challenging and innovative, Cliffhanger, the wine and the trail both call for further exploration. It’s no wonder the Falk family crest features a dragon – keep an eye out for it on Canetsfontein’s wine labels!
The Canetsfontein Cliffhanger Organic Red 2023 costs R130 per bottle and R780 per case of six bottles. It is for sale in Canetsfontein’s online wine shop, with delivery nationwide, at
Canetsfontein’s mountain bike trails are only open by application or invitation, as well as to registered local residents, for full-day fees that provide exclusive access to the trail. For more information and bookings, call +27 (0) 71 248 1222, send an email to, visit and follow @canetsfonteinwines on Facebook and Instagram.


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