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De Krans Moscato – a refreshing alternative

Moscato, as it is now known, has its roots in the province of Asti in Northwest Italy, where it was already cultivated and made since the 1870’s. In modern times it gained popularity in the USA by means of infiltrating their Hip Hop and Rap culture, and finally also reaching the South African shores for the first time more than 10 years ago. The De Krans Premium Moscato range is currently the market leader in the Moscato category, and it is no doubt largely thanks to its appeal to an extended target audience as well as its versatility when it comes to the drinking occasion.

Whether you are a seasoned vino with a sophisticated palate, a novice dabbling with different styles or a sweet wine drinker by heart, the Moscato tends to find favour wherever it goes with a sweetness and bubble similar to a sparkling wine. When it comes to enjoying the range, it can sit equally comfortable on a brunch table as it does on the dinner table, largely due to its low alcohol content. The Moscato also works well as a cocktail ingredient (think delicious sangria) and is the perfect food partner to spicy foods such as bunny chow or sushi and wasabi. The Premium Moscato range is also often used as a substitute for a bubbly – a more affordable and lower–alcohol alternative that works great with all palates. You can even add a bit of Cape Pink (one of our port style wines) to the White Moscato in a bubbly glass for a beautiful welcome drink, which will no doubt impress your guests.

Situated in Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo region, an area known for its warm, dry climate and quality dessert wines, De Krans Wines has managed to present the traditional sweet wine in a new and exciting way, balancing sweetness with complexity and freshness, while still staying true to the character of its terroir. The De Krans Premium Moscato range consists of the Premium White Moscato Perlé, Premium Red Moscato Perlé as well as the latest addition to the range, the De Krans Rosé Moscato Perlé, released in early 2021. The idea behind this range was to embrace the muscadel grape that is so synonymous with the Klein Karoo, but to present it in a sophisticated, easy drinking and refined way that elevates the muscat flavours. While Moscato refers to the style of wine and the grapes used (Muscat de Frontignan and Muscat d’Alexandrie), the perlé refers to the slight fizz (a slightly lower pressure than a sparkling wine), which gives the wine that lovely zing and refreshing taste. What also makes these wines special and very consumer friendly, are the lower alcohol levels of 9.5% for the White, Rosé and Red Moscato.

The Premium White Moscato Perlé was first produced in 2012 and has never stopped growing in popularity. This natural sweet wine is packed with flavours of muscat, litchi, apricots and other tropical fruits with hints of honey and exotic spice on the palate. Following the success of the White Moscato, the Premium Red Moscato Perlé was first made in 2017. The 15% Pinotage wine, added to give it the red colour, changes the fruit profile considerably to flavours of berries, litchi, soft prunes and muscat, with strawberries, blackcurrants and exotic spice on the palate. The red grapes also result in a complex mouth feel and a crisp finish. While both these wines are wonderful and light on their own (remember to serve chilled), they also pleasantly surprise when pairing with fresh, summer salads, charcuterie and spicy food like mild curries. In March 2021 the much anticipated De Krans Premium Rosé Moscato Perlé was released. Rosé as a category is still enjoying great success throughout the world and the Premium Rosé Moscato Perlé truly encompasses everything we love about Rosé – its freshness, its red fruit character and its vibrant and dreamy colour palate. With the De Krans Premium Rosé Moscato Perlé just a touch of Pinotage is added to Muscadel grapes and Hanepoot juice to give it a beautiful rose petal, blush pink colour. This natural sweet wine is packed with fresh tropical fruit, strawberry and candy floss flavours, with exotic spice and muscat aromas and a balanced, fresh acidity.

The De Krans Moscato range is widely available at most retailers across the country, at
approximately R82 per bottle.

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