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When Wine And Wagyu Meet

Pair premium wines with premium meat and you get a culinary match made in heaven. This is what you will experience at the maiden collaboration between Stellenview Premium Wines and renowned Eastern Cape based Wagyu producers, Zuney, Thursday, 16 November (6pm arrival) at Le Grand Domaine Enoteca in Stellenbosch.

An evening to remember your evening includes a five-course meal, with each course carefully curated and paired to enhance the flavours of the wines and Wagyu dish. The paired wines will include those from the Stellenview Premium Wines portfolio, such as the Kruger Reserve Family Wines, the maiden vintage Marguerite Cap Classique and award-winning Stellenview Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wagyu-inspired dishes include sweet melon, basil and camembert wrapped in bresaola and drizzled with honey and balsamic reduction, as well as different cuts of this unrivalled beef.

Wagyu is all about the marbling – the fine intra-muscular fat in the meat. With its perfect and subtle marbling, Wagyu is known globally for its intense flavour profile, tenderness and juiciness. Wagyu lends its origins from Japan where cattle were bred for two centuries as plough animals. The marbling means that Wagyu contains a higher concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids – the ideal beef for a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Zuney Wagyu was founded by Denys Wells and Henk Klopper in 2014. As passionate beef producers from the Zuney Valley in the Eastern Cape, it is their mission to breed top quality Wagyu cattle. They use the Angus breed to crossbreed purebred Wagyu which supports their full- blood programme for genetic advancement in the herd.

The 2250 hectare farms offer good conditions for the cattle with its rich pasture, natural grass, thornveld, valley bushveld and natural forest. Zuney Wagyu is built on ethical and environmentally sustainable practices that ensure a quality product to clients and consumers.

Included in the cost of R900 per person is the meal, wines paired with each course as well as a bottle of wine to enjoy at home. Pre-booking via, is essential as seating is limited.

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